Susan Saul brings her multi-disciplinary experience in costume design, etching, painting and mixed media art to her studio jewelry. Inspired by ancient techniques and modern design, she translates her joy of working with metals and stones into wearable art that defies description.
   As a metalsmithing instructor, Susan has shared her enthusiasm for her craft over the last seventeen years in her jewelry classes and workshops at the Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta. She was also the co-creator and host for 3 years with Cyndi Smith, of the BeLoved Valentine's Art Market, which gave local artists a chance to support local art-related nonprofits.
She was also deeply involved in the re-vitalization of the Georgia Goldsmiths Group, now called MAGG (Metal Arts Guild of Georgia), a nonprofit dedicated to education for metal artists and the greater community.
   Susan's jewelry is available through galleries, a limited number of shows, and by appointment.

Susan Saul

About The Artist

"I love making jewelry. The qualities of precious metals and gemstones, the challenge of labor-intensive fabrication techniques, and the feel of jewelry on the body fascinate me."